Study Overseas

Study Overseas

College / University Enrolment services

There are hundreds of foreign universities on the horizon, and crossing a thousand miles to pursue a career is a very difficult decision. We at Transpassage understand your concerns, with a team of highly qualified career counselors and with the help of advanced technology we provide guidance to choose the correct career path according to your Passion, academic achievements, qualifications and financial constraints.
While choosing the right career opportunities abroad in the competitive era, choosing the right university and the right country will be a tremendous task.

Personalised Counselling Services

At Transpassage the consultants understand your profile and passion, counselling session with the students and makes it a point to involve the parents to keep in phase with the students desire and parents consent. This helps in smooth transition of the admission process.

Transparency-Awareness to Parents
We strongly feel and suggest that parents should be as involved in the counseling and admission process as much as the child. Parents can make a more experienced decision and keeping yourself engaged and open to the information can help you make the right decision for your child. The authenticity of the universities and their courses.Child’s safety and health

Picking a University & course
Choosing a university is as important as choosing a course. It is similarly difficult since there are so many options at the students’ disposal. Students should not go by the title of the course,rather understand the course content, duration,Internship opportunities, Budget for the course,faculties and infrastructure of the college/university.

Choosing a Reputed University
When it comes to choosing a university, it is extremely important to make sure that you choose a widely recognized and reputed university as it affects most of your curriculum and growth as an individual.

Employment Opportunities
Students should keep in mind the placement opportunities that the university provides. Talking to the alumni and researching about the employment opportunities after graduation are recommended to the students as not only it gives you an estimate of the output of your investment but also makes them aware enough to make an informed decision.

Check out the Curriculum
The course and its curriculum help students’ understand the operations of the course and the path they will embark upon. Getting this insight is important as it is extremely important for students to choose a sustainable curriculum and the one that makes them grow at their own pace.

Guidance for SOP

Check out detailed information on writing an SOP and making it outstanding. You may also refer to various samples created on the basis of various countries and courses. SOPs should be your own experience,we at Transpassage will assist you and guide you in getting your chosen course application successful.

A Statement of Purpose, also referred to as an SOP, is a reflection of your personality that you portray in front of the universities admission team for getting enrolled in universities abroad. It is your chance of impressing the committee by presenting your profile strongly through an essay that describes your personality traits, which are not covered in your academic documents.

Most universities across the globe have a standard format/template that is acceptable. However, the content in SOP varies with different kinds of courses.

  • SOP Formats, Templates, and Guidelines for SOP Writing
  • Tips for writing impressive SOPs
  • Importance of SOP
  • Word Limits in SOP
  • Things to and not to include in SOP

Student Financial Aid and scholarship

We offer Bank loan assistance, all through the way, from loan application to documentation to liaison with private and national banks to ensure you have a hassle free education loan to meet tuition and living expenses overseas.

We understand that majority of students who want to pursue foreign education require bank loans, availing them, at times becomes a nightmare for both parents and students with endless number of visits to the bank, furnishing of various documents etc., which take a heavy toll on their psyche. It is often observed that many fail in the attempt, not because they are ineligible but simply because they are not properly guided. This is where our bank loan assistance comes in handy.

Scholarship assistance

The importance of education can be perfectly summed up in Nelson Mandela’s following quote –

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

This simple sentence sums up the importance of education in our life of not only individuals but nations too and this is the precise reason why there are many organizations that have started offering scholarships to deserving and meritorious students. Now, with the help of study abroad scholarships available for practically every course, deserving students can now pursue their choice of course at their choice of University.

Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of Higher Education facilitates the process of scholarships/fellowships which are offered by the foreign countries under Cultural/Educational Exchange Programmes. Most of the scholarships are for Research, Master’s and Doctoral studies. The students are required to apply online

However, many Indian students are unaware of how to get a scholarship in India to study abroad, and thus many deserving candidates miss out studying at some of the premier universities across the world.

  • Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees. …
  • Fulbright Foreign Student Program. …
  • QS Leadership Scholarship. …
  • QS Scholarship for Academic Excellence. …
  • QS Undergraduate Scholarship. …
  • Great Wall Program. …
  • Clarendon Scholarships at the University of Oxford. …
  • Adelaide Scholarships International.—Many more