Travel Assistance

Travel Assistance

How do we help?

Book air tickets at economical rates.
Facilitate travel insurance.
Country wise Pre-Departure Briefing (PDB).
Grooming session for easy international adaptation.
Relocation assistance provided, direct or through our coordinators abroad or through the education provider Discounted Air Ticketing.
Cater to Foreign Exchange Requirements.
Arrange Internal Travel Arrangements.
Airport Pickups etc.
Arranging mobile phone connections, debit cards if required

Tuition Fee payment

Transpassage has association with reputed foreign exchange dealers in order to avail prompt services and competitive exchange rates. They assist you with wire transfers, currency notes, international debit cards and demand drafts.


We offer special packages for student travel insurance, medical insurance, loss and accident insurance (combined and lower than international rates). In case insurance is included in your tuition fees already you must avail insurance from the period of travel commencement until university insurance policy commences.
Assist you to make fee payment(overseas remittance) with the help of authorised FOREX facilitators.

Flight bookings

Book air tickets at economical rates.While traveling abroad it is important to be prepared. It is essential to book well in advance and identify the most cost effective route. We at Transpassage understand the hesitation of students who need to travel abroad alone. To help parents and the students, we not only assist students with admissions for further studies but also make sure that they are aware of all the steps from the moment they have received their offer letter right up to their accommodation.
We assist with flight bookings well in advance to allow ideal departure dates, routes and best discounts too.
We help you select the right airline for excess baggage schemes. Several International Airlines offer special schemes for students & our counsellors can guide you with this information.

Forex & Travel cards

We assist students with their travel and relocation for the course of study thereby ensuring a worry free transition.

Moving to another country, be it for study or leisure, is no trivial task. We understand the stress and pressure this phase can cause. Excitement at times give way to anxieties as one get to hear a lot of experiences about the country often true or untrue, anxieties about the new land, people, customs take over your senses . We view this is a transitional phase hence offer a complete and thorough travel and relocation service, leaving no stone unturned to ensure a smooth transition. Our travel and relocation expertise enable you to literally relax while we handle it all.

Post landing services

Our Post landing assistance ensure that you feel at home in your new country. Our associates will provide all necessary post landing assistance to ensure smooth transition in the new country, which includes services like Airport pick up, temporary accommodation, guidance on part time job etc.